Misc. fight line/story mode assets

A variety of props done for the fight line and story mode. Harley's pistols concepted by Becca Hallstedt.

Syringe - Hi res/texturing
Pistol - Low res/texturing
Dynamite - Hi & low res/texturing
Cork Gun - texturing
Cyborgs Grapple - Hi & low res/ texturing
Kryptonian Hand gun - Hi & low res/ texturing
Robin Batgadgets - Hi & low res/ texturing
Batman's grapple gun - low res/ texturing
Deadshot's Knife - Texturing
Swamp Things Bird - Texturing

Christian vasquez hqweapons

Harley Quinn arsenal

Christian vasquez miscprops
Christian vasquez hqdynamite
Christian vasquez robinbatgadget